Dr. P.Ravinder Reddy

Personal Information

DrPRR Photo 2017.jpg Designation : Principal
Qualification : Ph.D
Experience: 30 yrs
Specialization : Engineering Design, FEA, CAE & CFD, CAD / CAM and Composite Materials, Vibration and Acoustics
Date of joining : 19/06/1992
Phone: (H) 040-23518467 (O) 8466997204 (M): 9391033002
E-mail : reddy.prr@gmail.com
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Achievements/Publications/workshops/seminars/Guest Lectures

1 30 Years of Teaching, Industrial and Research experience. Industrial Consultancy carried out in the areas of Design, Geometric and Finite Element Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, Composites, Fracture and Fatigue, Vibration and Acoustics, PSD analysis, Compressor modeling, solar technologies, CNC Manufacturing, Robotics, Nano Technology, Precession Engineering. Taught Postgraduate and under graduate Engineering subjects in the advanced fields.
2 Published over 300 Technical papers in various reputed journals and conferences in National and International level. Chaired over 16 conference sessions and co-chair of about 12 sessions.
3 Guided 19 Ph. D Scholars and 22 research scholars are registered for their Ph.D work at Osmania University and JNTU, Hyderabad, and GITAM Univ. under his guidance
4 Familiarity in CAD/CAM Packages such as Ansys, Nastran, Caefem, FeaMap, HyperMesh, Pro-Engineer, I-DEAS, Catia, Autocad, Master Cam, Gibbs Cam , NISA Display III.
5 Industrial Consultant to local Industries and involved many times in the Curriculum Development.
6 Organized many Programmes, Seminars, and Expert lecturers in the area of Finite element analysis, Modeling techniques and conducted software-training programmes to Faculty, R&D and Industrial people.
7 Guided over 275 M.Tech Projects and 850 B.Tech projects in the area of Finite Element Analysis, PSD analysis of shells, Vibration and acoustics, Geometric Modeling Techniques, Design of Systems, and Software development, Expert systems, Composite modeling and Analysis etc.
8 Trained over 3000 personnel in Finite element analysis and the software’s such as ANSYS, NISA, CAEFEM, FEMAP, Master CAM, Gibbs CAM, Pro-Engineer, Hypermesh etc.,
9 Coordinator for the Industrial Consultancy to the Department and having rapport with Industrial people.
10 Principal Investigator for the AICTE Sponsored Project on “Fracture Based Design of Ceramic Composites and Fibre Geometric Modelling”. Received the total grant of Rs. 3.0 Lakhs. The Research has been carried out in collaboration with D.R.D.L and R.C.I Hyderabad for fracture behavior of ceramic composites. The results obtained from the research outcome are presented to AICTE in Feb.1998. The completed report is submitted to AICTE in April 2002.
11 Principal Investigator for the BHEL sponsored project on “Development of Test rig for Calibration of Overspeed Governor for Steam Turbines”. The Total Grant received is Rs. 4.53 Lakhs. The design and modeling of test rig is carried out and presented to BHEL for approval. After simulation by finite element analysis the prototype has been carried out. The report is submitted to BHEL.
12 Chief Coordinator for the UGC Sponsored Project on “ Tool Wear and Orthogonal Cutting of Carbon Composites”. The total grant of Rs. 3.0 lakhs for research and towards salary Rs. 8.0 lakhs has been released. The total salary of undersigned is reimbursed to the institute for 3 years period. The experimental and numerical results have been presented during Nov.2000 to the committee appointed by UGC at New Delhi.
13 Co-investigator for AICTE sponsored R&D project on “Integration of texture segments and optical character recognition for multimedia data bases. The total grant received under this project is 8.0 lakhs. The progress is presented to AICTE recently.
14 Chief Coordinator for the AICTE sponsored project on “Modernization of CAD/CAM Lab”. Total Grant received from AICTE is Rs.12.00 Lakhs. The Machining Centre with 8-station ATC imported from UK, CNC XL Turn with Pneumatic Chuck, Dedicated Workstations Compaq Make, 5 Axis Fanuc Robot is procured under this project and all the systems are integrated to make FMS set up. Now it is functioning and the presentation is made before monitoring committee of AICTE and they accorded Excellent Performance (Grade A).
15 Chief coordinator, for the shock and CFD analysis of DTH Hammer of Widia, India.
16 Principal Investigator for the Design of Composite Propeller for Higher Cavitation Performance sponsored by Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defense R&D organization, Visakhapatnam, Total grant received Rs.9.77 Lakhs
17 Principal Investigator for the Design and Development of Composite (FRP) Blower sponsored by Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defense R&D organization, Visakhapatnam, Total grant received Rs.8.99 Lakhs
18 Chief Coordinator, Industry Institute Partnership Cell, Sponsored by AICTE, NewDelhi. Grant Received Rs.10.00 Lakhs
19 As a Resource person for many Seminars and winter schools Organized by various Institutions and Industries. Delivered many technical talks in the field of finite element technique, CAD/CAM, automation and robotics, New and Smart materials, Geometric modeling techniques, Interfaces and Translators, Expert system and artificial intelligence.
20 Chairman For Design Group of Indian Society for Mechanical Engineering Section. Chairman for local chapter of ISTE. Chairman for Technical committee of Navachaitanya.99.
21 Coordinator for ISTE sponsored 3-Weeks Short Term Training Programme on Applications of Numerical Methods in Engineering and Sciences, Feb. 5-22, 1997.
22 Coordinator for ISTE-AICTE Short Term Training Programme on Computer Aided Design and Analysis, 16-27TH Aug’99
23 Executive Member in Organizing committee of 11TH ISME Conference on Mechanical Engineering Trends in Mechanical Engineering Education & Research, Organized at IIT Delhi, 1999.
24 Technical Evaluator in India for CAEFEM FEA Package developed by Concurrent Analysis Corporation, USA.
25 Edited a Text Book On Computer Aided Design And Analysis in the year 1999. Also Edited proceedings of STTP on CADA Sponsored by AICTE-ISTE (1999)
26 Coordinator for ISTE sponsored 2-Week summer school on “Finite Element Method and its applications in Civil Chemical And Mechanical Engineering”, May 11-27, 2000.
27 Organized over fifteen refresher courses in the filed of CAD/CAM and Finite Element Analysis, sponsored by ISTE and other industries.
28 Honorary Director of Concurrent Analysis Corporation, Hyderabad.
29 Convener, Fist International Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering and Sciences (ICCMES-09) during Jan 8-10th ,2009.
30 Member Board of Studies in Mechanical Engg., Mechatronics and Mechanical (Production) Engg., of Jawaharlal Nehru technological University, Hyderabad from 2005-2008
31 Member Board of Studies of Mechanical Engg, College of engineering (A), Osmania University, Hyderabad from 2008 to till date
32 Member Board of Studies of Mechanical Engg, Affilated engineering colleges of Osmania University, Hyderabad from 2006 to till date
33 Has been nominated as Technical Support for CAEFEM ( a General purpose Finite Element Analysis Software , Developed by Concurrent Analysis Corporation , USA) in the region of Asia Pacific(refer caefem.com).
34 Honorary Secretary, Condition Monitoring Society of India Hyderabad Chapter since 5th June 2008
35 Member Advisory on the Board of Advisory Committee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyajyothi Institute of Technology(VJIT) from 10th February 2009
36 Deputy director R&D Cell of CBIT from Jan.2006 to 2009 and Chairman R&D Cell of CBIT from 2009 to till date
37 Chairman, Shruthi 2010, CBIT cultural fest during 29-31st March 2010.
38 Visited Malaysia during July 20-23rd 2010, for Starting Aircraft Maintenance engineering course in collaboration with Dnest, Tafe college Malaysia.
39 Chairman Shruthi 2011, CBIT cultural fest during 16-18th March 2011.
40 Convener, Academic Excellence , R&D development, of CBIT from April 2011 to till date
41 Review committee member of Design Engineering, National conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (RAME 2012),organized by Dept. of Mech. Engg., College of Engg., Osmania University, 16-17th March 2012.
42 Member, Departmental Research Committee of Mechanical Engineering Department, Osmania University from 1st June 2012 for a period of 2 Years.
43 Modernisation of Thermal Engineering Lab, AICTE sponsored MODROB scheme for the financial year 2012-2013, for Rs.8.75 Lakhs
44 Mechanical and Fracture Properties of Bio Composite Reinforced with Chicken Feathers, AICTE sponsored RPS scheme, 2012-2015, Rs.18.05 Lakhs
45 Member Board of Studies in Production Engg., of Jawaharlal Nehru technological University, Hyderabad from 2012-2014
46 Chairman, National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy(AMERE-2013), 25-26th March 2013 organized by MED, CBIT
47 Coordinator, AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Finite Element Analysis and Practices Through Ansys for Rs. 7.0 Lakhs for the financial year 2013-2014.
48 First Patent is filled on 29.04.2013 and published on 20.03.2015, with journal no.12/2015 with application no.1550/MUM/2013 in the field of “An Apparatus and method for Joining of Weldable or Non weldable Materials” as invention in collaboration with Tata Technologies Pte Ltd Pune as a co-inventor
49 Second patent is published with File No.: 201641028876, date of file: 24.08.2016 in the field of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Friction Material and the title of Invention:Tribological Behavior Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Friction Material. Date of Publication:02/09/2016
50 Third patent is published with File No.: 201641032709 date of file: 27.09.2016 in the field of manufacturing of flame-retardant poultry feather fiber blended non-woven sheets or fabric having moderate strength in the presence of binder materials as pulp of lawn-grass and waste-paper using hydro-entangled technique and the title of Invention is Flame Retardant Poultry Feather Fiber Non Woven Sheet and Process for the making same. Date of Publication:07/10/2016
51 Fourth patent is published with File No.: 201741015659 A, date of filing of application: 03.05.2017 and Publication date:12/05/2017 with title of invention as A Composite Material Extrusion And Method Of Manufacturing Thereof and the field of invention: is the invention provides a composite material extrusion and method of manufacturing thereof using friction stir welding process
52 Participated in race car event organized by ATA Formula Society for Mechanical Engineering (FSAE) Italy during September 9th-16th 2015 at Riccardo Paletti Circuit, Strada per Fosio 1, Varano de' Melegari, PR 43040 Italy.
53 Implementation of composite materials wind blades in wind mills, File no. sr/wos-A/ET-1092/215(G), Govt. India Ministry of Science &Technology, Dept. of Science & Technology for Rs.22.99 Lakhs, 2015-2018
54 Member of DRDL research council from 9th May 2016
55 Member, DRDO awards scheme for the lab level awards for the year 2015
56 Participated in race car event organized by ATA Formula Society for Mechanical Engineering (FSAE) London during July 13th-19th 2016 at Silverstone Circuit, UK.
57 Principal Investigator, has sanctioned Rs. 2.70 Lacs under UGC sponsored Minor Research Project titled ‘ Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Friction Stir welding of Aluminum and Magnesium alloys, duration Nov. 2016- Dec. 2018 (2 years)